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BOSS services include removal of all types of odors. Here are a few listed below:

  • Sewer/Septic Backup
  • Fire/Smoke, Flood and Mildew
  • Destruction of most Airborne & Surface Contaminants
  • Reduction of particulate matter
  • Reduction of Allergens such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen, etc
  • Whole Building Bio-Sanitize
  • Air Duct Sanitize
  • Pets: You are better off letting a professional remove your pet urine odor. Most over the counter  household products can simply mask the odor, but not remove the stain or discoloration.

BOSS uses a combination of proven methods that are safe. We provide a fast recovery for odor related problems. If you have serious damage to your carpet, floorboards, backing or sub-floor, we can provide replacement services.

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